How To Build A Church Website

How To Build A Church Website

In our digital age, people rely on the internet to find the things they’re looking for, and your church is no different, in fact, according to Google, people search for churches over 500,000 times a month, can you really afford to miss out on that possible traffic? The answer is no, so here’s how to set up a church website. 

What needs to be on your church website

We’ve all visited poorly designed websites before, you know, the ones that have you running in circles and leaving without the answers you came for, they’re not good for business, so here’s what you should include. 

  1. An ‘about us’ page
    When a person lands on your church website the first thing they need to see is a clear message about who you are and what you believe in. This is your first impression and so it’s important that you make it count. Don’t try and cram too much on this page, all that information can be clearly organized in your menus using the themes below.
  2. A ‘visit us’ page
    A ‘visit us’ page is designed to provide new visitors with all the information they need to find your church and to attend one of your services. Include your address and a link to directions, the times of your services and any other information such as whether there’s parking on site.
  3. An ‘upcoming events’ page
    If you host events at your church whatever they may be, then your church website is a great place to promote them. This is also a great chance to advertise any church group meeting days.
  4. A ‘giving’ page
    A giving page is a great chance to increase tithes and offerings to your church by making it easy for members and new visitors to give online. Setting up online payments is actually very simple and a good website builder such as ours will have this feature built-in.
  5. A ‘youth group and/or children’s’ page
    If your church has children’s church, a nursery, or a youth group then once again your church website is the perfect place to promote it. Fill this page with inspiring pictures of your youth church group and be sure to let visitors know where they need to go or who they need to talk to if they want to get involved.
  6. A ‘join the team’ or ‘volunteer’ page
    Finally, websites are now one of the most popular places for people to look when they are seeking volunteer opportunities or getting involved with your church, so don’t forget to advertise any volunteer or need for help opportunities on your church website. 

How to build a church website

If you’d like more information or help to build your church website then please check out “What Makes Our Church Website Builder So Extraordinary“. Our platform is designed to help you build a church website that will create a lasting first impression and increase your number of first-time visits. We believe that building a website for your church shouldn’t need to be difficult or expensive and that most people are actually fully capable of building their website themselves with just a little helping hand, so check us out today.

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